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Women's Sailing

by Marily MacKinnon
Rear Commodore

There are so many fun and exciting things happening on the sailing front at EYC, it’s hard to list them all.

First, our Women’s Sailing Kickoff Meeting is set for Thursday, April 26 at 6:30pm. We will once again have sign-up sheets for the Monday classes, Race clinics, Mentors, and more. Please put this date on your calendar and bring a friend, a new member that you may have sponsored, or anyone that you think may be interested in sailing with us this summer. Some events have been tweaked to make our sailing more fun and inclusive, so come on the 26th to hear all about it.

The next important date to highlight is the upcoming Dave Perry event to be held Saturday, February 17 in the afternoon. This should be of interest not only to our racing members but to all sailors and their sailing children. It promises to be a sell out, so get a group together to come. Check "Entertainment" for details. In addition, the Regatta Committee calendar is full of interesting Tuesday speakers, so be sure to support these throughout the year. It’s a long list, so check it carefully and put it on your calendars.

Some new events of note for Women’s Sailing include a Fun Sunday Couples Race in June. “Couples” mean any combination of 2 people: parents and kids or vice versa, wives and husbands, singles and friends or whatever floats your boat. This event is something members have asked for and we’re going to make it fun and a bit different from normal race routines. More to come on this as June approaches.

There may be ice on the CT River, but spring and sailing are right around the corner. The good news is that you don’t have to lift a finger to get your Ideal 18 ready; it’s all being done for you and the boats will be outfitted and ready for sailing. Get your calendars out and join us!

Women's Sailing Classes

June 4 - July 23 2018

Women's sailing classes will run Mondays, June 4 for 8 weeks thru July 23.

Morning session is at 11:00 with Deb Pearl.
Evening session at 5:50 with Linda Suravitch. Dinner follows.

To sign up, please call Marily MacKinnon 860-391-2255 or email her at There will be a sign up sheet at the Club.