Premier Race & Award Party for 28 Years on Long Island Sound.
Win a 10-Liter Goslings Essex Rum Challenge Club Trophy


50 Skippers signed-up and 48 hit the starting line for what proved to be another extremely successful Rum Challenge. The wind gods graced us with great wind at the start, which proceeded to eb and flow as the 8 classes of racers negotiated the two different courses. Spinnakers had 2 races on a windward/leeward course. Non-spinnakers had a single 8-mile triangle course.

The Tom Lentini Memorial Trophy was won by Altered States, John Brousseau, Niantic Bay Yacht Club and the Hot Flash was won by Spectre, Brian Prinz, Branford Yacht Club. The Essex Rum Challenge Club Trophy (keg) was won by Duck Island Yacht Club.

Rum Challenge - Ideal 18s – Jim Biggart – Tom Wilcox PRO. – Due to poor weather, the Ideal 18 Rum Challenge was delayed until September 23. Skipper’s meeting will be at 1100.


 2023 Complete Results

The 2023 Rum Challenge was a huge success, with a record 50 boats competing and perfect sailing weather. The Naval Academy added polish and experience that moved the event up a couple of notches. A wonderful party afterward with much-anticipated Gosling dark and stormies and a delicious spread was the icing on the cake for a good day of racing.