First Night of Women's Sailing June 15, 2020Women’s Sailing

While we all have been staying safe, your Women’s Sailing Committee and Regatta Committee in conjunction with the BOG and House Committee have been coming up with plans for sailing fun,  learning, racing and more for this summer.  Monday sailing began on June 15 at 4 p.m.  6 of our 8 Ideal 18’s were out sailing.  Monday sailing will continue as long as sailors want to sign up.  If you are qualified, you may sail with a family member (including your sailing child), or if you are not qualified, you may ask to be paired with a mentor if you are willing to sail with another member.  Full finger gloves are required when sailing and masks are required on the grounds until you step onto the boat. You will be expected to follow the rules of the Club and you will be responsible for cleaning the boat after your sail.  A video showing the protocol for boat cleaning is on the EYC website..  There will be a safety boat in the water at all times captained by our stalwart Captain Steve Pearl.  Waivers before sailing must be signed at the launch office by all sailors.
Please contact me if you are interested in joining our Monday Sailing or if you are available to be a Qualified Mentor.  We are starting at 4 so that once sailing is over, there will be time for dinner orders to be called in.
Since our traditional training program is in a kind of limbo, we’re suggesting that you tune up your sailing skills with some on-line learning.  EYC is an MVP member of US Sailing which gives you a discounted membership.  Once you are a member, check out the online courses available there.
Happy to answer any questions about signing up or class structure.
Marily MacKinnon
Vice Commodore


“Mentor on Demand,” a special program for those sailors who aren’t available to take our regular clinics but want to hone their skills on the Ideals is being created by Pru Rice. Mary-Lawrence Bickford is working with SHYC to set a date for the Annual SHYC/EYC Rematch to be held in Stonington.



Wednesday Women's Race Series


The series is a great way to practice for the EYC Challenge to be sailed against Stonington. We will need 3 teams. Or just get a friend and make up a team and enter the series. We’ve got 8 Ideals just waiting to be sailed. We’ll have spectators on the upper deck cheering everyone on, maybe a few spectator boats. 

Contact Mary-Lawrence Bickford or Marily MacKinnon and enter your names.