Women’s Sailing

2019 promises to be a busy year for Women’s Sailing at EYC. The first event is the Ideal 18 Sailing Kickoff Meeting in the spring. There will be a Spinnaker Clinic in late May with Saturday spinnaker classes. Thursday practice racing is planned for the first two weeks of June.

On The Water Women's Sailing

“Mentor on Demand,” a special program for those sailors who aren’t available to take our regular clinics but want to hone their skills on the Ideals is being created by Pru Rice. Mary-Lawrence Bickford is working with SHYC to set a date for the Annual SHYC/EYC Rematch to be held in Stonington.

Wednesday Women's Race Series


The series is a great way to practice for the EYC Challenge to be sailed against Stonington. We will need 3 teams. Or just get a friend and make up a team and enter the series. We’ve got 8 Ideals just waiting to be sailed. We’ll have spectators on the upper deck cheering everyone on, maybe a few spectator boats. 

Contact Mary-Lawrence Bickford or Marily MacKinnon and enter your names.