Women’s Sailing

The Women’s Sailing program is designed to encourage women to get out on the water in the Ideal 18s dinghies - whether they are beginners, want to hone their skills, or even want to race as either skippers or crew. 
Some women want a relaxed sail on the river, followed by casual dinner with friends; some  work towards taking our on-the-water test to become an EYC “Mentor”, qualified to take out an Ideal 18 whenever they wish. Some really want to learn the complexities, techniques and rules of racing on the water.
The Women’s Sailing Committee - co-chairs Terry Parkinson and Deb Pearl, members: Commodore MacKinnon, Kacey Constable, Kathleen Maher, Mari Dow, Mary Giugotti, Sara Conner, Pru Rice and Susan Abbot - is working to create a program that meets all these goals including…


Hike Out & Hang Out

Monday Sailing Sessions Just for Women:  starts June 7th 

Every year, Essex Yacht Club organizes a series of eight, two-hour-long, weekly sailing sessions - uniquely for women.
Classes are designed to teach women (from novices to existing sailors who simply want to brush up their skills) to learn to sail our fleet of eight Ideal 18 dinghies.  Each boat has a qualified mentor on board and the program includes sailing on the river, under instruction, as well as classes in tying knots and basic sailing etiquette.
Monday classes take place twice a day - and you can sign up for either the morning or afternoon/evening session (followed by casual dinner) to suit your schedule.
Some students are moms with children learning to sail who want to share the sport with them.  Others are women who want to be able to helm the family boat.  Some members just want to spend an afternoon on the river, followed by dinner with friends.  Everyone enjoys the very relaxed yet educational elements of the program, and the fun of a relaxed sail with other women on our beautiful river.

Meet your instructors
Deb Pearl will teach the morning/afternoon class.
Linda Suravich will teach the evening class.

The Ideal boat
Essex Yacht Club has a fleet of eight Ideal 18s, kept in tip top condition, docked beside the Club.
Each dinghy is 18 ft long and has a fixed keel.  Just four lines in the cockpit control the set of the furling jib.  While these boats are enormous fun to race - and the EYC women’s racing team has had plenty of wins against other clubs - they are literally the “ideal” boat for anyone who wants to learn to sail.

One of the aims of the program is to bring learners up to the level when they pass our on-the-water test to become qualified to take out an Ideal 18 whenever they wish.

Hang out after hiking out 
We know from our recent survey asking what would motivate women members to join the sailing program that “social engagement” is a big interest.  Every Monday,  EYC Chef, Michael prepares a special buffet dinner for the class.  It is a great opportunity to compare notes about the session, relax in a beautiful setting and just enjoy each other’s company off the water.
In 2018, we launched a competition to name a cocktail specially for the Women’s Sailing group - winner was Pru Rice who came up with the very apt name:  Broad Reach. 

Fee: $185.00 for the 8-week series.
Sign up soon
A word of warning - this is a very popular program!  Many women members sign up every year so call the Front Office at the Club soon to reserve your spot!