Ideal 18s

Ideal-18 Summer Schedule


Join the Race Committee boat for a day

Join the Race Committee boat for one or several of the races. Flags and horns. What’s not fun about that!

No prior experience needed.


  • May 14, Old Commodores’ Race
  • June 18, Special Olympics
  • Sept. 10 & 11, Loubenvar/Thundermug
  • Oct. 1, Willets Memorial
  • July 16, Rum Challenge Ideal-18s

These are all on the river except for the September race.

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Sailing Clinics w. Professional Coach

Advanced Boat Handling lessons:
The following Tuesdays at 2:30 p.m.
June 7, June 21, July 5, and July 19
Spinnaker & Racing Strategy:
The following Thursdays at 4:00 June 9, June 23, July 7, and July 21
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Tuesday & Thursday Race Series

TUESDAYS: Non-Spinnaker, Ideal 18s
THURSDAYS: Spinnaker Race Series, Ideal 18s
Contact: Val Shickel >>

Sails Up 4 Cancer, April 30

April 30, Saturday
Sails Up 4 Cancer: Gowrie Group Regatta

This is a multi-club fundraising regatta in one-design boats, which means sailboats such as EYC’s Ideal 18s.

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Women on River: June 1, June 22 and July 13

Women on the River (WOR) began by EYC Member Mary-Lawrence Bickford in 2019. Mary-Lawrence gathers women sailors of all skill levels together three times each summer for recreational sailing on the Ideal 18s, from our nearby yacht clubs: the Essex Corinthian Yacht Club (ECYC), the North Cove Yacht Club (NCYC), Pettipaug Yacht Club (PYC) and our very own Essex Yacht Club (EYC).

Safety boat present as well.

Dates: June 1, June 22, and July 13 - 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Jr. Sailing

Friday nights. Beginning June 17. Six weeks. Ages 15 to 21. Experienced coaches.

For more information contact Club Member Bill Sandberg

Annual Special Olympics, Saturday, June 18. Postponed to August 6

On Saturday, June 18, athletes and partner coaches gather for one of the Club’s favorite events, with great burger lunch afterwards.

To participate or volunteer contact Essex Yacht Club's Past-Commodore, Jack Frost >>


The Hawkins Memorial, June 26

June 26, Saturday

Begun in 1960 by Bert Hawkins, this race is between the Essex Yacht Club and the Pettipaug Yacht Club. Boats such as the Ideal-18s or similar are raced.

Contact: Rick Weiner >>

Rum Challenge Ideal 18 Regatta

July 16: A non-spinnaker regatta with EYC’s Ideal 18s and nearby yacht club’s similar boats.
Contact:Regatta Vice Chair, Jim Biggart >>

Junior Invitational, July 26

July 26
Junior Invitational Regatta, EYC and ECYC

Hosted by both EYC and ECYC, this regatta is a competitive series of fleet races in Ideal 18's for the Junior sailors of Pettipaug Yacht Club and North Cove Yacht Club. Individual prizes for all.

To stay updated, contact: Past Commodore Jack Frost >>


Women's Championship, August 1 & 3

Aug 1 and 3, in memorium of Past Commodore W. F. Rowe Jr.

Contact: Past Commodore Marily MacKinnon >>


Special Olympics, August 6

August 6, Saturday, All Day
Special Olympics Invitational Regatta 

This fun event is an invitational regatta in Ideal 18's among 12 crews from Special Olympics sailing programs in CT, RI, and MA, with an EYC member participating as part of each crew.

A Club favorite for volunteering. We appreciate how many of you show up to help: welcome the athletes and their families, match members and spectators with their crews and spectator boat hosts, launch and land the fleet.

To stay updated, contact Past Commodore Jack Frost >>


The Harrison Memorial Race, August 27

August 27
Junior Invitational Regatta, EYC and ECYC

This race is between the Essex Yacht Club and our neighbor, the Essex Corinthian Yacht Club. Our regatta committee commissioned the Varick “Rick” Harrison Trophy in recognition of Past Commodore Harrison’s decades of service and support for saililng and racing.

Contact: Rick Weiner >>


Willets Memorial Race, October 1

October 1, Saturday
Willets Memorial Race
Boats 30’ or Smaller

The Willets Memorial Race is the first of three races comprising the Tri-Club Series co-sponsored with Essex Corinthian Yacht Club and Pettipaug Yacht Club for PHRF boats of 30' or less on the CT River.

We may include the Ideal 18s this year for fun, though these boats cannot qualify to win the trophy.

To stay updated, contact: Past Commodore Jack Frost


Frostbite Racing

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Women's Sailing

Lot’s of opportunity! Click here >>.

How to qualify in an Ideal 18

EYC members are welcome to use the Club’s Ideal 18 fleet both for organized events and for recreational sailing on the river. Only members who have demonstrated proficiency may take out an Ideal 18 without an authorized skipper on board. To become an authorized skipper a member must complete the following steps.

Demonstrate proficiency in:
  • Rigging and derigging an Ideal 18
  • Tying basic knots (bowline, reef knot, figure-eight)
  • Leaving and returning to the dock
  • Sailing an Ideal 18 on all points of sail
  • Picking up a mooring or floating fender
  • Executing a MOB drill
Demonstrate knowledge of:
  • The Rules of the Road
  • The Ideal 18 program rules
Sign an Ideal 18 Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement  
The intent of these requirements is to ensure the safety of the member, their crew, the Club’s Ideal 18 fleet, boats in the mooring field and other boaters on the river.

The following Club members are authorized to conduct proficiency tests for prospective skippers:
Renny Schoonmaker
(860) 581-8101
Jack Frost
(860) 767-8165
Pierre Boulanger
(860) 767-2510
Rick Weiner
(860) 767-2281
Frank Flores
(860) 767-0375
Peter Harding
(203) 249-6219
Pru Rice
(860) 690-0588
David Dorrance
(203) 722-5334
Deb Pearl
(860) 395-8847
Jeff Lovelace
(860) 391-3015