Ideal 18s

Spinnaker Clinic - Learn to fly!

A spinnaker is a thing of beauty. It can be a joy in gentle breezes and smooth water but it can be a challenge in strong winds. What makes it so temperamental is its size - sometimes greater than the main and the jib combined. As a racing sail, it will make you fly but it requires careful handling. We are fortunate to have experts in the Club, to teach the art of flying a spinnaker. Maggie, Jake and Max Klin will be teaching you on the dock, and others will be doing on the water instruction. Val Shickel is organizing the sessions.

Sign up for these two classes now!

Part I: Wednesday May 26th at 5:30
On the dock demonstration followed by on the water practice

Part II: Wednesday June 2nd at 5:30
On the water practice in the Ideal 18s

To sign up please contact the Club 860-767-8121 or email

Women's Sailing

To sign up, please Terry Parkinson 860-227-1447 0r Deb Pearl 860-395-8847  There will be a sign up sheet at the Club.

Tuesday & Thursday Race Series

Ideal 18 Non-Spinnaker Night Race Series will be held each Tuesday night starting in June. The Ideal 18 Spinnaker Race Series will be held Thursday nights starting in June. The Annual Rum Challenge Ideal 18 Regatta will be held in July. See "Regatta" for entry form and NOR. For more information contact Joe Standart, Regatta Chairman.

Rum Challenge Ideal 18 Regatta
July 17

This non-spinnaker regatta will be sailed in July in boats chartered or owned by recognized yacht clubs.

Ideal 18 Women's Challenge at EYC



Annual Special Olympics Regatta
June 19

Hosted by Essex Yacht Club, athletes and partner coaches of teams from Darien, New Haven, Westbrook, Essex, Groton/Stonington. A great burger lunch is provided after regatta.

To participate or volunteer or for more information contact Essex Yacht Club member, Jack Frost, at



How to qualify in an Ideal 18

EYC members are welcome to use the Club’s Ideal 18 fleet both for organized events and for recreational sailing on the river. Only members who have demonstrated proficiency may take out an Ideal 18 without an authorized skipper on board. To become an authorized skipper a member must complete the following steps.

Demonstrate proficiency in:
  • Rigging and derigging an Ideal 18
  • Tying basic knots (bowline, reef knot, figure-eight)
  • Leaving and returning to the dock
  • Sailing an Ideal 18 on all points of sail
  • Picking up a mooring or floating fender
  • Executing a MOB drill
Demonstrate knowledge of:
  • The Rules of the Road
  • The Ideal 18 program rules
Sign an Ideal 18 Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement  
The intent of these requirements is to ensure the safety of the member, their crew, the Club’s Ideal 18 fleet, boats in the mooring field and other boaters on the river.

The following Club members are authorized to conduct proficiency tests for prospective skippers:
Renny Schoonmaker
(860) 581-8101
Jack Frost
(860) 767-8165
Pierre Boulanger
(860) 767-2510
Rick Weiner
(860) 767-2281
Frank Flores
(860) 767-0375
Peter Harding
(203) 249-6219
Daphne Nielsen
(860) 767-0547
Pru Rice
(860) 690-0588
David Dorrance
(203) 722-5334
Deb Pearl
(860) 395-8847
Jeff Lovelace
(860) 391-3015